It’s just a poker game!

Anyone daring enough to take part in a competitive sport, game, or activity, is well aware of the unusual competitive streak of some participants. Professional athletes are often chastised and on rare occasions celebrated for their ego and selfishness. Super inflated ego and the bad behavior that comes with it, is ever present at your local poker game. Whether you play at your local card room or your poker room of choice, finding a poker game without a loud-mouth idiot claiming that life is unfair and their losses are bad luck is next to impossible.

What happened to the good old poker game? Not the poker game with 5 gun slinging cut throat cowboys drinking whisky out-cheating each other. There existed a poker game where friends gathered, shared laughs, a few drinks, and a little money exchanged hands. For those more daring and adventurous the big money casino poker game offered excitement and a touch of class and professionalism. With the popularity and record participation in poker, there are many more sightings and encounters with what used to be an alienated and unwanted character; the load mouth. Anyone playing poker on a frequent basis can relate. Yes, it is upsetting and obnoxious.

I love going online after work and getting into a hot poker game. I am learning to block out the one joker at the poker game. My poker software allows me to block out rude or annoying smart mouthed jerks. “You should have done this, I can’t believe you bet that..blah.blah.blah.” Thank God for technology, although it brought more idiots to the wonderful world of poker it also gave me the ability to ignore them. It really is just a poker game after all, but it’s my poker game and I like to keep it friendly and exciting with just the right amount of competitiveness.